Coconut Oil

This Coconut Oil spray enables you to join in with the coconut oil cooking trend – without having to wait for blobs of the oil to melt! As well as this, you’ll only use a thin layer of the cooking spray so fat intake will be reduced.

With its delicate scent, Frylight Coconut Oil spray adds a Caribbean or Asian flavour to your dishes and the reassuring aroma of coconut really adds something special in the kitchen.

Nutritional Info

Typical Valuesper spray/0.2mlper 100ml
Total fats0.1g49.1g
-of which Saturates0g18.3g
-of which Sugars0g0g

Recommend Recipes

You can use our Coconut Oil spray on any savoury dish, but here’s a few of our favourite recipes for you to get into coconut oil cooking without the unnecessary calories.