Sunflower Flavour Oil

A great alternative if you’re used to cooking with butter or solid fats, the delicious butter flavouring of this cooking spray lets you enjoy a familiar cooking aroma while significantly cutting down on fat and calories.

From using our Butter spray as the pan coating for cakes and bakes to flavouring just-cooked corn on the cob, it can offer a handy alternative to butter in a variety of dishes.

A brilliant all-rounder, Frylight Sunflower Oil spray is as comfortable frying as it is releasing cakes from baking moulds! Uniquely blended with plant extracts, Frylight uses no artificial ingredients.

Unlike most cooking oils, Frylight Sunflower Oil means there’s no more glugging poured oil and no more consumption of excess fat.

With just a few sprays needed to create a perfect cooking surface for frying, roasting, grilling and baking, Frylight Sunflower Oil is ideal.

Please note Sunflower is only available in certain Waitrose stores – if you would like more information, please get in touch.

Nutritional Info

Typical Valuesper spray/0.2mlper 100ml
Total fats0.1g50.5g
-of which Saturates0g6.2g
-of which Sugars0g0g

Recommend Recipes

The classic choice for everyday favourites, here’s some of our favourite recipes for our Sunflower Oil spray.