Overripe Bananas

Find yourself chucking away your bananas because they’ve gone brown?

STOP! Don’t throw them away. Overripe bananas are perfect in smoothies and Banana Bread.

Banana Bread recipe

Crusty Bread

If you’re worried your bread will go off before you manage to finish the loaf, batch make some garlic bread to pop in the freezer.

Use Frylight Garlic Oil spray on the bread before popping in the oven. When it’s nice and toasted, remove from the oven, spray all over again. Wait for the bread to cool and freeze.

The perfect partner – Spag Bol recipe

Leftover Eggs

A couple of leftover eggs are the perfect start to some of the most simple yet tasty dishes.

Add some of your favourite veg, meat or cheese and you’ve got yourself a frittata or classic omelette. Perfect!

Kale, Red Pepper & Goats Cheese Frittata recipe

Random Vegetables

Unsure what to do with the random mix of vegetables in the fridge?

Chuck them all in a roasting tray in the oven and add some seasoned couscous. This dish is so versatile, it’s perfect to serve as a vegetarian main dish or to eat cold the next day for lunch.

Roasted Tomato, Pepper & Squash Couscous recipe

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