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Frylight tip to manage the cost of living crisis

Frylight tip to manage the cost of living crisis

With nothing artificial, Frylight is perfect for the whole family to use.


A simple switch from oil to Frylight will not only help you to cook healthier, it will also save you money.
Working out at just over 1p per cook*, it is better value than any poured oil.



Take a look around…

We know how expensive it can be raising a family, which is why we have helped to create low cost meals to show how healthy doesn’t have to be hard – or costly. From homemade Fish Fingers & Sweet Potato Wedges to a Thai Green Curry, there is something for everyone to enjoy (and we’ve chucked in a few sneaky veggies the kids won’t notice)!

Whether or not you are familiar with Frylight, we have also answered some FAQs about the brand and use with children that we hope will help put you at ease. There are even some activities to keep the little ones quiet too!

Help us on our mission to encourage families across the UK to live healthier, and choose Frylight on your next shop. Discover our range

*Based on using 5 sprays of Frylight vs. 1 tbsp of poured oil.