Pancakes with chocolate spread and strawberries

per serving

Serves 8

Whether it’s Shrove Tuesday or not, pancakes are perfect for the whole family! Have fun with the kids making and flipping these delicious chocolatey treats.


20 mins



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Nutritional Information

76 k/cals per serving


Frylight Cooking Spray

110g plain flour, sifted 

pinch of salt

2 eggs 

200ml milk mixed with 75ml water 

1 tablespoons of butter, melted 

Chocolate spread to serve

100g strawberries, sliced


  1. Add sifted flour and salt into a large bowl. Make a well in the centre of the flour and add in the eggs. Start whisking the eggs being careful to mix in any flour from around the bowl edge.
  2. Slowly add the mixed milk and water while you continue whisking. When everything has been added, whisk once again and make sure you have a smooth batter with a runny consistency (like condensed milk).
  3. Mix the pre-melted butter to the mixture.
  4. Spray a frying pan with Frylight and place over a medium heat. Wait until Frylight is clear. Pour in the batter mix and tilt and turn the pan until evenly covered. Cook for a couple of minutes then turn (or flip!). Cook for another minute or so until the pancake is firm and well cooked in the centre.
  5. Repeat until all pancake mix is used.
  6. To serve, spread pancakes with chocolate spread and add sliced strawberries.